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Life in West Yellowstone

Working in West Yellowstone

The Stage Coach Inn is an 84 room hotel. We are open year round, but peak season is June through August, and that is when we need the most employees!

Conditions of employment include the following:

1. An applicant must be over the age of 14 in order to be employees in the state of Montana.

2. An employee must be willing to share a room with another employee when living in company housing. Minors are not eligible for company housing unless their parents are also employed by the company and reside in company housing.

3. Employees are to have a neat appearance and be well groomed while on duty.

4. All employee's must be drug-free while on company premises, including housing.

5. All employees serve guests regardless of race, creed, religion, age, sex, veteran status, disability, ancestry or national origin.


The Community

West Yellowstone, MT, is a small community of around 1000 year round residents. On any given night during the busiest of times there may be more than 7000 guests in town. In terms of human services, human services with the community are a 24-hr police force and ambulance service, a volunteer fire department, a medical clinic staffed by physician's assistants and nurses, a parks and recreation department, and a a town court.

A K-12 school district has grade sizes varying between 14 and 29 students. A new school was built in 1992. All required courses are offered. While elective courses are limited, the student to teacher ratio is excellent. Five churches are located within the town including Baptist, Catholic, Church of Christ, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) and Presbyterian.

Grocery stores, a hardware store, general shops, a live theatre (summer), movie theatre and an IMAX theatre are other services available. Surrounded by Yellowstone National Park and the Gallatin National Forest, West Yellowstone has access to an abundance of outdoor activities.

Life with the Company

The company may be able to offer limited housing for rental to employees. Housing is contingent upon employment. A rental agreement must be signed. The company provides bedding for those living in company housing. Employees are not required to live in company housing. Rentals are generally available within the community.

Any further questions please contact us at:


Stage Coach Inn
PO Box 169
West Yellowstone, Mt, 59758

Phone: 406.646.7381
Fax: 406.646.9575


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Phone: 406-646-7381   Fax: 406-646-9575
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